Sulvain Heavy Metal in Northampton
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(Re-printed with permission)

Sulvain is a newly formed band, based in Northampton and Wellingborough, formed early on in 2019 by a combination of friends and previous members from other local bands. The band realised (as did other within earshot), that they definitely had something unique to offer - and a very natural “flow” occurred whenever they played together.

The band's style is a cross between Groove, Grunge and Southern NOLA metal.

Skye Day on Vocals and Aaron Blackmore Flynn on Guitar, work superbly well with Rob Hopkinson on Drums and Daniel Groome on Bass.

It certainly seemed to appeal to the Wellingborough live music loving metal heads as Sulvain's "pre-debut" warmup proved as the crowd pestered for more - only to be told they had already heard everything - so far.

With their first track (Fifth Whiskey) now available on most music platforms (Click the MUSIC link), the fan base has already started to grow. As some of their other tracks start to appear on social media, this is only going to gain momentum.

More than a few people are already wondering if they will be playing at the Northamptonshire Hopfest 2020. At this rate, it would seem within their grasp.

Their name - Sulvain - has no meaning within the band - and as they put it themselves, “whatever is created is our own story, and all memories made will be our own.”

They seem to have the right idea - they hope you will enjoy their music - and indeed many do - but either way, they are four guys, letting their hair down, playing music, spending time with their friends and letting history write itself.

Not a bad approach is it?
(Review by Mark Tee - September 2019)

A sleepy little village didn't initially seem like an ideal venue for a Heavy Metal band (three in fact) to be performing. Appearances however, as they often say, can be deceptive.

A great stage, substantially sized room and an absolutely heaving audience made it abundantly clear that there is a massive love of live heavy metal music in this part of England. The atmosphere was stunning and shared by people across a huge range of ages. Some very young folks joined people well into their seventies headbanging with the rest of the crowd.

Two other bands (Take Refuge from Milton Keynes and Akilla  from Cambridge) provided excellent support for the headline band, the newly forged Heavy Metal band, Sulvain.

With several hours of powerful music interspersed with adequate beer breaks, ears and throat were well catered for. If you are a fan of Metal, Groove & Grunge you would be very hard pushed to find a better way to spend your evening.

The entire event was hosted completely free of charge to the audience, and even Merchandise was offered at friendly prices - a well designed, decent quality T-shirt (even in my size of XXL) printed front and back - yours for £10.

The place remained packed until it was obvious that the last song had been sung.

Headlining to a packed room on your Debut show? Sulvain is clearly a band to watch.
(Review by Guy Busby   - September 2019)

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